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Workforce & Economic Development Research

Workforce & Economic Development Research projects industry and occupational workforce needs, skill and educational gaps, industry assessments and forecasts, and identifies the workforce and training needs of targeted populations.

Labor Market Forecasting Labor Market Forecasting

BW Research has conducted numerous studies to quantify employment, predict job growth, and analyze trends in the labor market. Depending on the scope of your project and your budget, BW Research can offer data mining of existing secondary data from Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc., InfoUSA and other sources, along with information gathered directly from employers through executive interviews.

BW Research

Occupational Skills Assessment

An occupational skills assessment can help develop a better understanding of complex and changing proficiencies in the workplace, whether driven by demographic shifts, technological breakthroughs, or other market forces. Heavily relied upon by training providers and the public workforce system, occupational skills profiles help direct curriculum developers on the skills and abilities that are necessary for workers to find and maintain employment.

Occupational Skills Assessment

BW Research

Economic Development & Competitiveness Studies Economic Development & Competitiveness Studies

BW Research has a solid reputation for collecting and analyzing economic data. BW Research gathers relevant industry data, including sales revenue, tax rates, ground rent and property costs, establishment information, company birth and death rates, and employment information, and augments it with analysis of public and private investment flows. This information is used as a foundation for our economic analysis, which typically also includes surveys and executive interviews with investors and leaders from academia, industry, government, and non-profits to determine business climate, obstacles facing companies, and perceived strategic advantages for a region. This information is often compared to competitor regions to develop data-driven recommendations to decision-makers.

Public Opinion Resident & Voter Research

Public Opinion Resident and Voter Research measures attitudes, opinions, preferences, and behaviors to inform planning through satisfaction studies, needs assessments, visioning studies, demographic analyses, revenue measure feasibility studies, and campaign research.

Resident Research Resident Research

Resident research enables our clients to allocate scarce resources based on the value residents place on different programs, services, and facilities. The broadest of the categories, resident research allows for the measurement of satisfaction, preferences, behaviors, patterns, and demographic composition and forecasts to inform Satisfaction and Quality of Life Studies, Needs Assessments, General Plans, Strategic Plans, and Visioning Studies. Also often included is an examination of specific sub-populations, such as seniors, parks and recreation users, library patrons, or public transportation users.

BW Research

Voter Research

Voter research identifies key issues, statements, and arguments that resonate with voters to inform campaigns, pass revenue measures, and elect candidates. BW Research has a strong track record of success through providing extensive analysis that is easy to use and empowers our clients to make decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of voter opinion.

Voter Research

Consumer, Customer & Market Research

Consumer, customer, and market research assesses the needs, preferences, and profiles of current and potential customers

Consumer, Customer & Market Research Consumer, Customer & Market Research

Consumer, customer, and market research provides for a critical examination of perceptions among targeted audiences to assess performance, evaluate new products, develop effective marketing campaigns, and better understand market opportunities.

Data-driven, BW Research has extensive experience executing Customer Satisfaction Research, Branding Studies, Usability Studies, Market Assessments, and Market Segmentation Studies.


Our Methods

BW Research - Method - Surveys Method Surveys

At BW Research, we believe the best way to determine economic and workforce conditions is to go straight to the source by surveying employers. BW Research Partnership is comprised of experts in designing balanced and unbiased survey questions to elicit candid, truthful, and accurate responses from employers and provide the maximum level of detail to our clients. Throughout data collection, we check the data for accurateness and completeness and monitor the demographics of employers who complete the survey daily. Doing so ensures that the employers who complete the survey are representative of the larger universe with respect to their employment characteristics (e.g., size, technology, geography).

BW Research

Executive Interviews

Sometimes, quantitative data are not enough, and clients require further explanation of trends or specific examples to present a more comprehensive picture of their region's economic and workforce climate. Though not representative, interviews can help develop case studies about occupational requirements and employers’ needs. In addition to more detailed qualitative information, executive interviews can help define which skills are most important to quantify in a survey instrument. Further, interviews can help offer explanations and clarify findings in later stages of the research. Interviews with company executives and other thought leaders can provide important information at a level of detail not always available from survey research and can be an important component to any study.

BW Research - Executive Interviews Method

BW Research

BW Research - Secondary Data Analysis Method Secondary Data

There are many existing sources of valuable economic and workforce data. At BW Research, we use a variety of sources including: Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc.; BLS and state-level labor market data; InfoUSA business listings and sales revenue data; PWC investment trend reports; Schoenfeld public research budget data; and other public and proprietary sources. Secondary data sources help to develop a foundational view of a region's economy and workforce. By understanding the demographic and economic trends available in these data, BW Research can provide more targeted analysis of a region's needs.

BW Research

Employer & Community Engagement

Involvement of local leaders is critical to the success of a research project. BW Research leverages relationships with local leaders to gather information and develop actionable results. Engagement can take many forms, from facilitating advisory forums, conducting formal focus groups, hosting leadership roundtables, to conducting online resume panels. By engaging with local leaders, BW Research is able to provide more reliable information to its clients and ensure community buy-in for the results.

BW Research - Employer & Community Engagement Method