BW Research

About BW Research

BW Research Partnership was founded in 2006 by Josh Williams to provide data, evidence, and information that helped clients make better and more informed decisions. Our firm initially focused on economic research, market research, and polling -- building a credible and rigorous methodological base that remains the cornerstone of our research today.

In 2008, BW Research merged with Green LMI, led by Phil Jordan, bringing a focus on sustainability, community, and climate-focused, clean energy solutions into BW’s research practices. Both Phil and Josh were experienced practitioners in workforce and economic development, and emphasized research in those areas as the practice grew.

The first green jobs study, a solar installer labor market analysis for NREL was published in 2009, integrating BW’s rigorous quantitative survey methodology, workforce sector experience, and a deep understanding of clean energy policies and technologies. This initial study launched BW’s sector-wide leadership quantifying and examining the evolving dynamics of climate-and-clean-energy employment.

Over the past decade, BW Research has evolved and expanded to include capabilities in supply chain analysis, energy modeling and quantitative extrapolations, policy research and analysis, community engagement, and human-design-based facilitation, all in service of empowering clients seeking solutions, strategic guidance, and pathways forward in an ever-more complex world.

Our Values

  • We are passionate about the work we do and its positive impact on the communities, organizations, and people we serve.
  • We operate with utmost integrity and emphasize approaches that sustain the health and long-run viability of our firm.
  • We go where the data tells us, not to support a pre-defined narrative. Our research questions, learns, evolves, and is always evidence-based.
  • We customize research and strategies driven by our client’s needs and research objectives, using only the most relevant tools.
  • We continually strive for a better team environment to challenge, develop, and nurture great researchers!
  • We have each other’s backs – we work hard, always seek to improve, and emphasize quality of life.

DEI Statement

BW Research has a resolute commitment to equity and believes that the transition to a clean economy can present substantial economic opportunity for all, and particularly those who have been historically disadvantaged. Central to this belief is the importance of ensuring that the economic value created through renewable energy technologies is shared equitably and broadly across communities. This includes developing good-paying jobs that allow workers to build a career and develop upward progression, greater economic opportunities for minority, women-owned and other disadvantaged businesses, and increased wealth-generation.

BW Research practices the equitable workforce strategies it recommends, and the firm has made commitments to ensure hiring is representative. Our team is skilled and diverse, and a majority are people of color (53%), and 40% are women. We are deeply committed to equity and have a research team that reflects a breadth of academic and lived experience.

We are committed to retaining and advancing workers. Entry-level workers work closely with more senior colleagues, ensuring that knowledge is shared in both directions and resources are available for any questions or challenges that may arise. Part-time workers receive living wages, and full-time workers receive healthcare and retirement benefits.