Research Products

Nate Hunt

Research Director

Nate Hunt has been at BW since 2018 and is committed to leveraging quantitative and qualitative research to increase the effectiveness of programs, strategies, and initiatives. He views research and data as the essential foundation for developing pragmatic solutions than can be readily applied to real world questions and challenges.

Nate’s work increasingly focuses on addressing workforce and economic development challenges to support a transition that is just and rapid. This requires knowledge of how new and existing technologies are deployed and scaled; development trends and prerequisities; and how to start and cultivate industry clusters. Nate also has a deep understanding of the energy landscape, ranging from building decarbonization to hydrogen and direct air capture.

Nate has a Master’s in Public Policy from UC Berkeley and a B.A. in Economics with a minor in Environmental Studies from the College of the Holy Cross. In his free time, Nate enjoys running, hiking, and generally being outdoors.